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Voter List 1971, 1966, 1951 Download Pdf

 Voter list of 1971 is so important for north-east Indians. Download now 1971 voter list in a scratch.

Voter List of 1971 : 

Voter list of 1971

We always think if we found our grandfather's name in 1971's Voter list,  then we will be proofed to be indians.🤔 Let's find it.....

What is Voter List ?

   Voter list is a combined list of voter who are citizen of india & participate in election for choosing Leader.
    Voter Card :
  Every adult(18+) citizens should have their Voter card.  Voter card is also known as a identity proof.  In my opinion,  voter card is the main documents  to proof be a indian. When you u enrolled you're name as General Voter.  You will get you name in Voter list.

Why Voter list of 1971 is so Important?

   Before, Nrc,  CAA,  we know voter card and passport  are the only documents to proof be a indian.  But,  our governor make a redical change in our thoughts.
     We think,  if  we can prove  that our forefather comes in india before 1971 then we will be reduced from NRC.

How Prove that we are in india before or since  1971 ?

   When we asked this question to everyone,  they always answered ' try to find voter list of 1971 '.
If you found it & get your forefather's name in the voter list.  Then you can prove that you're a citizen of india because your forefather was live since 1971.

After thinking such types of opinions  we are at very tension,  because we don't know what is the exact document as a proof.

Why need voter list of 1971  ? Ignoring  voter list 1970,  1966, 1951 ?

Everybody know,  in 1971 Bangladesh get freedom from pakistan.  In this freedom war,  so many bangladeshi came to india.  If you get 1971 voter list then we can exclusively proved that our forefather or grandfather or father was an indian during this bangladesh vs pakistan war.

Where get 1971 Voter list ?

 As we know,  election commission of india,  ECI stored this types of data.  But why they are not published? If you really need voter list of 1971 click here to download.

Voter list of 1971 West Bengal :

West Bengal have the largest international border behind bangladesh.  There are so many tension for bangli,  as the would not be recognized as bangladeshi😜😜😜😄.

How To Download Voter list 1971  ?

1st Process : 

  There are two ways to download voter list of 1971.
Step-1 :

    Goto nearest  VOTER SERVICE CENTER.  Request them if they have old voter list. If you know anyone then contact. and follow 2nd Process . ⬇️🔚


Step-2 :
        A:   Go to :: CEOWESTBENGAL.
How to download voter list of 1971 ?
Step:1-- 1971 voter list

    You will be show as above mentioned  interface.  Then Click on  "Special Summary Revision Of Electoral Roll 2020".

       B:  After click there,  You'll get like this.
How to download voter list 1971 ?

  • Then click "Electoral Roll (Voter List)". 

      C:  After choose this option you have to choose  You've to select you District. 

Voter list of 1971

      D: After selecting, you district Please Select You're Assembly name. 
Voter list of 1971

      E: When  you select assembly name ! Then you should be remember your polling  station name.  & click on your polling station name to get voter list of 1971.
1971 এর ভোটের লিস্ট

        F: Then Fill the captcha with very carefully.. it's so important.  If you entered wrong captcha you will not able to download voter list of 1971. 
Voterlist 1971

         Boom! ❤️  if you found you're forefather or grandfather's name here,  then all right ! Please note you will those name who are alive now.   If not alive so find old voter card and follow next process ::---

2nd Process :

       Here,  you have to use some techniques.  In this list,  whose voter card have Age as 01.01.1995 & Age is greater than 24 or above.  Then,  if you calculate their age [[ 01.01.1995 - 01.01.1971= 24 years old ]].  It means he/she born on 1971.

Lets see a example to know better  ::
Lets see this voter card ::
Voter card list of 1971

Please Note : Here His Age is in 1995 was 53 Year old..
So his date of birth approximately (1995-53=1942) 01.01.1942.

It means he alive here during  78 year as 2020.

 So,  don't take tension  be relax...

Hope,  you understand what i want to say ! 😔

To Download the election data of 1971 click below  :

    ** please note don't pay anyone for list.  If you got this list,  please check it,  is it real or fake !😒.  too many people try to fraud the villages.  If give any types of rupees,  its your liability.

Disclaimer :  All information is collected from internet.  We are not responsible for any kind of data. Please check before use this data.